Traditional Foods And Their Varieties

Traditional Foods And Its Varieties

Traditional foods are always best and it has different varieties. No matter how many new dishes prepared in the current generation. Traditional dishes are excellent and healthy. There are still many people in the country who always prefer traditional foods and also comfortable with it. Traditional foods are still prevalent in all over the places in America.

Traditional Foods And Its Varieties
Traditional Foods And Its Varieties

Health is the foremost essential factor. So, one should prefer to eat good food to stay healthy and fit throughout life.

In this article, we see some of the tasty traditional foods that have always been on our menu.

Types Of Traditional Foods


Pie is one of the most popular dishes in the country, and also a baked dish. It has been popular in the United States from the 16th century. Preparing pie has two variations. Sweet Pies and Savory Pies. 

Sweet Pies cooked with Fruits, butter pastry, brown sugar whereas Savory Pies contains meat among all the verities. Apple Pies are the best of all time.


Hamburgers another traditional food loved by all the people. It has been popular in the country since the 18th century. However, hamburgers’ origin is still unknown. And usually cooked with beef. The meat is often grilled or smoked and placed inside two slices of the bun. 

Hamburgers served with cheese, onion, pickles, ketchup, bacon or chilies. Cheeseburgers with meat are the most loved hamburger in America.

Hot Dog

It is one of the favorites in America. When you think of a baseball game, the one who comes to mind is Hot Dog. It is an all-American food. Even though a German cook created it. Therefore, it is the country’s most popular one. Usually, cooked with two slices of bun and vegetable, ketchup placed inside.

Traditional Foods And Its Varieties
Traditional Foods And Its Varieties

Barbecue Buffalo Chicken Wings

Barbecue chicken wings are the most popular bar foods in America. It is one of the oldest traditional foods and still served great. Moreover, there are a lot of verities in preparing barbecue foods. The preparation is now evolved in different shapes and loved by most of the people in the country. 

Tater Tots

Tater Tots are the American version of French fries. It has similar to French fries. Especially, made with grated potatoes as mini balls and fried deep in oil. 

Biscuits And Gravy

Cookies are brought to the country by the British. Also, made in the traditional style with butter and even buttermilk. The country gravy dripped with fresh port sausage. It is mainly a southern favorite food recipe. It is famous on the south side of America during the revolutionary war.


Almost all American households will have their version of Meatloaf in house. Mainly cooked with ground meat and pan. Also, it looks like a bread loaf and baked well with the meat.


Girts are one another southern food and famous in America. It is mostly made up of corn flavor and stone-ground mills. Moreover, it is often cooked with Cream, butter, cheese and topped with mushrooms and bacon.

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