Tips to find Indian food near me

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In many metropolitan areas around the world, Indian food has become extremely popular. In nearly every city in India, there is a large community of Indians who have migrated from their homes and brought with them their love for all things Indian cuisine related. This has led to a surge in demand for restaurants offering authentic dishes from various regions within India. Some cities have experienced such a large influx of Indian immigrants that you can now find at least one restaurant catering to those looking for this type of food on nearly any street corner. In addition to restaurants, what has also benefited greatly from this trend are grocery stores which now stock up on items such as spices and prepared curry which were once somewhat difficult to obtain anywhere outside of India itself.

For those who are not near an Indian food restaurant, store or even nearby Indian community, you may be wondering, what is the best way to find the nearest Indian food? With Location being part of Maps Mania each week, here are some tips for finding Indian restaurants anywhere in the world.

Google Maps to find Indian food Near me

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Use Google Maps with satellite imagery turned on to look for buildings that resemble those associated with Indian restaurants. You can also turn on street view so you can actually go inside to take a closer look at what dining options are available.

Reviews of Restaurants

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The next step would be to take a look at reviews of these places. There are many review sites online which allow users to post reviews of restaurants they have visited around the world including TripAdvisor and Zomato. Finding Indian restaurants near me that have good reviews is a great way to find popular dining options in an unfamiliar city or town.

Social Media Indian Food Near Me

You can also use social media to find recommendations on the best places to eat near you, including Indian food spots. On Twitter, check out hashtags such as #good food and #Indian restaurants which are used by people around the world to share their favourite spots for getting certain cuisines. If you don’t know many locals who may be able to suggest some good locations for Indian restaurants, look up any local foodies who regularly post pictures of their meals online and see what they recommend since they are sure to have tried many different eateries in your area already.

Delivery services

If you are not near any cities or towns which seem to have many Indian restaurants, one option that may be available is to use third-party delivery services which will bring the food to your door. Sites like JustEat allow customers in certain areas of the world to place online orders for various types of food with local restaurants that offer home deliveries. You can search for Indian restaurants in your area and see if there are any participants in this program.

Search on sites to find Indian food near me

5) Another idea would be to carry out a search on sites such as Foursquare or Yelp which allow users worldwide to post reviews of different businesses they have visited throughout their travels. These locations often offer detailed information about what type of dishes are on offer at popular eateries, allowing you to get a good idea of what you can expect before visiting.

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