The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show Cookbook by Jillian Michaels – A Review

whole food plant based cooking show

The Whole Food Plant-Based Cooking Show on television is not only for vegetarians. Vegetarians love it too, but it is a show that is geared more toward the meat-eaters out there. Each week, from May through October, the show provides fun and engaging recipes using traditional plant-based foods worldwide.

How Is Whole Food Plant-Based Cooking Show?

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Recently, I saw the cooking segment of the show. It was called, “Hello, My Name is Jill, and I am a vegetarian.” Despite being a vegan myself, and a health-conscious one, I found it very interesting to watch the how-to videos. The host, Jeffrey Pilon, had a beautiful voice, and his voice comes from Southern California. He is an excellent speaker and a great studio speaker. It was very nice to hear his voice.

What You Can Learn From This Show?

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During the show, he shared with the audience many plant-based recipes he referred to as the “Grow Guide.” The Grow Guide is the third in four that will help people learn how to prepare whole-food plant-based recipes the right way. The first two were “The Shocking Truth about Cholesterol” and “5 Easy meals that cause less than a few crunches”. The third and most important book is called “The Plant Packed Foods Guide to Eating Well,” and that’s what we will discuss in this article.

How Is Whole Food Plant-Based Cookbook By Jeffrey Pilon?

The Whole Food Plant-based cookbook by Jeffrey Pilon is very informative. He starts with an introduction to himself and his love of food. He goes into how he went vegan and how he came up with the name Jeffrey. Then he shares with you how he came up with the many recipes he uses in the cookbook. You learn how to make a wide variety of “fun, tasty and healthy meals,” all made from real, fresh, whole food plant-based foods.

What Is Included In This Cookbook?

The cookbook includes hundreds of recipes, including mouth-watering “vegetarian chili, black bean dip, corn tortilla soup with red beans and white beans,” “cilantro and bacon chili, vegetable & cheese soup,” “sweet potato and spinach soup,” and many other delicious recipes. There are also pages of tips and ideas for making your favorite recipes healthier. For instance, instead of using vegetables, you can use olive oil instead. Other ways of cutting back on unhealthy ingredients are to marinate instead of frying foods, and you can also use coconut oil instead of butter for cooking.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I liked that the book gave great tips for eating healthy. The message that there is a way to eat healthier and be more satisfied while doing the same thing is very powerful. In my opinion, this new book by Jillian Michaels, The New York Times bestselling author of the vegan cooking guide “The vegan Kitchen,” is one of the better “plant-based recipes for you” cookbooks that are available.

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