The Best Food Sensitivity Test For You

The Best Food Sensitivity Test For You

Have you ever thought that you must be suffering from any food sensitivity? Have you seen any advertisement that is offering you a home food sensitivity test? But you are not sure what to test? You are not alone facing this dilemma related to food tests, but there are many more like you.

What Does Precisely The Food Sensitivity Test Mean?

Food sensitivity is a situation when you get allergic to the food you consume. In another way, we can say the different conditions you react to the food you eat . Mainly, the reaction could be differentiated in 3 significant points. 

The Best Food Sensitivity Test For You
The Best Food Sensitivity Test For You

Food Intolerance: A Kind Of Food Sensitivity

It is a situation where your body is unable to digest a particular food. Food tolerance is not related to immune, but the level of digestion power in the body. This situation occurs when our body lack in generating the enzymes which could break down particular food to get digested.

Food Allergy

Food allergy is a situation related to the immune system. It is a situation when there are some allergic issues faced by the body. You can see such an allergy after minutes or hours of intake of food that does not suit you. It entirely depends on the immune system of the body that how well it fights such issues.

Food Sensitivity 

It is the allergy, which is not related to body immune or body digestion. Instead, they occur while white blood cells react to the food. In this type of allergy food act and produce a different kind of chemical known as a mediator. This reaction is relativity after a delay, not instantly.

Some people may encounter a different type of allergy as per their intake of food and the way your body reacts against that food, whether the allergy can be categorized differently but are almost the same in the eyes of science.

So if you are facing the reaction of food in your body, you must be genuinely cleared about the symptoms of the response in your body. The answer depends on the type of allergy you are facing. Majorly there are few listed factors, which are seen in allergenic organisms.

Proalgesic Mediator 

In this reaction, the body sufferers with acute pain. It will accompany the pain signal to the central nervous system of your body.

Vasoactive Mediator 

This reaction is related to the blood veins. This reaction leads to Constrictor dilate of blood veins of your body. It also depends on up-to-the amount and type of food you eat.

The Best Food Sensitivity Test For You
The Best Food Sensitivity Test For You

Membrane Permeable Mediator 

This allergy can cross the blood-brain barrier. In this type of allergy, a mediator can affect the Central nervous system of the body.

Pyrogenic Mediator 

This reaction is related to the rise in body temperature. With the effect of this allergy, the temperature of your body increases.

The above points clearly explain why the reaction against the food can have multiple symptoms instead of only one or two kinds. With the home food sensitivity test, one can quickly figure out the food should be blamed as the reason for allergy. 

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