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thai cooking books

Thai cooking has been very popular ever since the early days of the last century. In modern times, Thai dishes are now enjoyed all over the world. Thai cooking books are a great source of information for those who love this cuisine and want to learn how to prepare it on their own. These books not only provide recipes but also tips and tricks to make the food more attractive and appetizing. In fact, even if you do not fancy cooking, these books will surely be useful as you find new and exciting ways to use your favorite ingredients.

Buy A Book About The Preparation Of That Particular Recipe

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There are many Thai cooking books in print that you can choose from. The best choice is always one that you will actually like to read. If you have a particular favorite recipe that you find difficult to reproduce, you should buy a book about the preparation of that particular recipe. Most Thai cookbooks include recipes from all parts of Thailand, especially from the coastal regions to the inland areas. In addition, some even cover some common places of interest in the country as well. For example, there are Thai cooking books that cover areas that are popular for international cuisine such as Bangkok or Phuket.

If you are a food aficionado who wants to attend a Thai cooking class, books on the subject are a great buy. It is also possible to learn by watching a video that offers the step-by-step instructions of making authentic Thai dishes. There are a lot of Thai restaurant reviews online that you can refer to. These reviews will tell you which restaurants offer good Thai food and which ones offer mediocre recipes.

Do Practice What You Need

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While you may think that reading a Thai cooking book is enough, you should also remember that you need to practice what you have read. This is because Thai food recipes usually contain meat and vegetables that are not common in the United States. So if you do not try these dishes out in your home, you will not know how well they are cooked until you go out to eat with friends and family. This is why it is important to purchase a quality Thai cooking book.

If you want to cook Thai dishes at home, you should purchase a variety of quality cookbooks on the subject. A great place to start is to find your favorite Thai cookbook. You can then start adding recipes to your own kitchen. Some books also include additional tips that can help you make your favorite Thai meals more affordable.

Fish Sauce Soup

For example, a common dish in a thai cooking class will be a fish sauce soup. However, most people do not bother to add the appropriate fish sauce for this dish. A good cookbook will cover this topic in a clear and easy to understand manner. Then you can purchase some low-sodium chicken stock to add to the soup as well as an adequate amount of fresh lime juice.


If you have never cooked a Thai gai meal before, you should start with some easy and tasty dishes that will get you familiar with the cooking method. Once you feel comfortable with the basic cooking technique, then you can move on to more difficult dishes. Once you master the art of gai, then you can become the envy of the neighborhood. You will be able to sell your gai lunch or dinner in no time at all. You will also be able to find customers willing to pay more than you are worth for your exotic and delicious gai recipes. You will be able to take your new found skill and transform it into a very lucrative business for yourself.

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