Some Recipes Kids Love

Some Recipes Kids Love

When it comes to what kids love, they can be unpredictable. Subsequently, kids may like this thing today but may react the next day differently. Thus, cooking for kids becomes tough. Therefore, we bring to you some easy and quick recipes kids love to eat. Read further to know more.


Hungry? Have a Maggi. Maggi is an international brand of seasonings. Further, these are instant noodles which are made by boiling them in water. Also, kids love this cuisine as it’s very tasty and delicious. 

Thus, to make this boil some water in a saucepan. Further, dip the Maggi into it and let it boil for a minute or two. Furthermore, add Maggi masala and cook it for another minute

It is ready to serve now. However, you can add variations to it by adding some veggies in it.

Pasta-Some Recipes Kids Love

 Another recipe that is loved by kids is pasta, as it looks very tempting and tastes fantastic. Further, it is available in many shapes and sizes. Such as penne pasta, spaghetti, lasagne, and more. 

Thus, to make this firstly boil the pasta for 10-15 minutes till it doubles its size and then keeps it aside. Further, add some refined oil in a pan and then add finely chopped onions, some salt, red chili powder. Moreover, you can also add some capsicums, mushrooms, broccoli, and other vegetables according to your preferences. Let it cook for around 2-3 minutes at low heat. Also, add tomato sauce and then add pasta to it.


Another recipe makes to the list of recipes kids love is pizza. Moreover, this looks great and tastes even more delicious. 

Thus, to make a pizza take a pizza base and spread pizza pasta sauce evenly on it. Further, spread some cheese on it and add vegetables such as corn, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, capsicums, and other vegetables according to taste. Then, bake it in an oven till cheese melts and pizza gives a fascinating look.

Some Recipes Kids Love
Some Recipes Kids Love

Further, you can add some more seasonings on it, such as chili flakes, oregano, and even olive oil. However, you can also make your pizza base yourself. 

Burger -Some Recipes Kids Love

Now, a hamburger is very easy to make and is entertained by kids every time. Also, one can make it according to his/her eating preferences. 

Thus, take a burger bun and spread mayonnaise on both sides (one can add covered according to taste).

Further, put some cabbage on both sides. Furthermore, add some onions, tomatoes, cheese, or any meat and veggies of your choice. Then, keep the other bun on it.

Mac And Cheese

Another recipe seriously loved by kids is mac and cheese. Additionally, it is a simple recipe of mixing boiled macaroni with some cheese. Further, add some spices according to the liking of your kids.

Some Recipes Kids Love
Some Recipes Kids Love

Mini Pepper Pizzas

Now, these little pizzas are so cute. Further, they attract kids towards them a lot. Moreover, they are simple to make. You need different colored bell peppers and treat it like a pizza base. Thus, add all your favorite pizza toppings on it and bake it in the oven. Your mini pepper pizza is ready.

Thus, we hope that you loved these simple and easy recipes.

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