Save Your Time From Slicing Or Mincing Garlic With This Item! What Are You Waiting For Grab This Now!

With the increased technology our appliances are also upgrading and now it is time for you to upgrade yourself. Our women have been working so hard all this long. Even nowadays they are handling two jobs at a time and numerous roles in a single day. They are working independently in offices so that they can use their knowledge and skills and don’t have to depend on their husbands anymore. And then after coming back home they have to do chores like cooking, cleaning, etc. If we can’t help them in their jobs at least we can make it easier for them. Since I have talked about technology and up gradation in appliances this article is about mini hand pull garlic mincer. This garlic mincer will help the lady or chef of the house to slice and mincing garlic in no time. This is not only going to save their time but also they have little extra time for themselves. You can even gift this to them to show your love, affection and care towards them. And to do that you don’t have to have a reason or occasion. 

Mini Hand Pull Garlic Mincer

Product built quality and performance super and the lady boss of the house will be blessed to have this. Worked very well with carrots, cabbage etc. But you have to chop them into small pieces and put them inside them in smaller quantities. It cannot be chopped if you put big sized vegetables to be done. For Example, to get Onion cut into Pieces: you Should first cut a full onion into 8 equal parts or else the item cannot cut it and stops rotating. Put small chunks of vegetable then pull up the steering very gently 6-10 times, don’t pressurize the string if the string doesn’t pull up coz of veggie chunk stuck between blades. shake the chopper then again pull up and you will get finely sliced garlic.

 That’s All Everything else is perfect about this product though that too wasn’t a big issue since it is specifically made for garlic bit there are always exceptions in case you would like to try it on other vegetables. This is an excellent product for your kitchen and does not require too much space, you should get your hands on this. 


  • Brand Name: BWOHOPS
  • Tools Type: Shredders & Slicers
  • Certification: SGS
  • Model Number: kitchen gadget
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Material: ABS Stainless
  • Size: 9 cm (length), 7 cm (height)

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  • It saves your time from slicing or mincing garlic. 
  • It can be easily stored as it is small. 
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  • If you are unlucky you might receive a defaulted product by mistake other than that it’s a great product. 


The quality of the plastic is excellent.

The string is of average quality and the blades are also fine. This product is a great pick for you and you should get it on your next online shopping from here. This is not going to disappoint you and is worth your money.

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