Recipe To The Best Homemade Guacamole For Foodies

Homemade Guacamole

Homemade guacamole is just as yummy as store-bought! To make the best homemade guacamole recipe you’ll need: You might be thinking that this guacamole recipe doesn’t taste that great! You’re right to think this way. But the key to a great homemade guacamole recipe is in your knowledge of cooking. And in this article I’m going to show you how to make the most amazing guacamole possible.

Homemade Guacamole Recipe

 Homemade Guacamole Recipe
Homemade Guacamole Recipe

First you have to cut the avocado into small pieces. You can either use a sharp knife or a pair of kitchen scissors. Then you need to peel the skin off of the avocado. Next you want to place a piece of paper towel under the avocado to absorb any liquid. Next you need to drain any liquid from the avocado.

Next you want to grate about 2 TBS of guacamole onto the prepared guacamole. Then you’ll want to mix it up with a fork. Next you’ll want to place the avocado in the refrigerator. This will help to preserve the avocado’s moisture. Once the avocado is at room temperature, you can now place it in the freezer for about an hour to allow it to freeze. After the hour you can thaw the avocado and add the guacamole back to the refrigerator.

To make your guacamole the most delicious, you need to season it with garlic and salt. When the salt and garlic are melted into the guacamole, this is called a fajita. Another way to season your guacamole is to coat it with your favorite salsa. If you can’t find any salsa, you can use any kind of seasoning you like. Just make sure that you use kosher salt in your guacamole recipe to avoid adding any extra salt to your dish.

You will also want to place all of your guacamole into a glass container and store it in the fridge until it is ready to serve. You might also want to place it in the freezer to speed the freezing process. You’ll know that your guacamole are ready to serve when they’re thick and creamy but still pliable. Noticing a thin film on the surface is perfectly fine.

Serving Homemade Guacamole

When serving your guacamole you should be careful not to let them sit too long in the refrigerator. They should be served as soon as possible to keep the texture of the guacamole as smooth as possible.

Homemade guacamole is definitely worth the work and time you put into them! It’s worth it!

There is also a great way to store homemade guacamole in the freezer. This is to wrap it in cheesecloth, but this may be more difficult to do if you aren’t used to doing this. Another option is to place a whole package of guacamole inside a paper bag that has holes punched through it. This keeps your guacamole nice and cool and keeps it fresh and safe.

Benefits Of Eating Homemade Guacamole

Homemade Guacamole Benefits
Homemade Guacamole Benefits

There are many benefits to eating your homemade guacamole, especially in colder weather. A great alternative to having it as a dip or side salad is to take a couple of slices and spread them over grilled or baked vegetables or on your plate. Also, guacamole makes a great dressing for dips, spreads, and meats as well as an added dip to ice cream.

Guacamole also goes great on chips or breads. I would suggest eating it raw, but if you’re using a tortilla chip wrap instead of the traditional tortilla chips, try eating it on the outside of the chips to make sure you get the full nutritional value.

Guacamole is also one of the best snacks for people who are recovering from surgery. After a surgery you should never snack on anything that will contain fats and oils. Because the ingredients of guacamole are high in fiber and antioxidants, it will help to ward off the formation of harmful free radicals in your body.


There are a lot of reasons to make your own guacamole. It’s inexpensive, tasty and healthy! It’s even good for you too! If you’re looking to impress your friends and family at your next party, go ahead and try some guacamole.

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