Recipe For Native American Fry Bread

Recipe For Native American Fry Bread

If you are considering one of the many recipes for Mexican or Native American fry bread, it is recommended that you begin with the bread that was originally used in the preparation of this popular cuisine. This traditional Native American recipe uses flour and water and will be very easy to follow for your first attempt. However, you must purchase fresh, floury bread. The lack of fresh flour can result in the loss of flavor and overall healthfulness.

Large Piece Of Ciabatta

When preparing Native American fry bread, a large piece of ciabatta is best. This is a flatbread, which has not been deep-fried and is perfect for fried food. It is also a little denser than the much thinner cut corned beef, making it ideal for the cooking process. You should also buy a loaf of bread that is prepared using natural wheat flour, which has a more authentic taste. Various other ingredients can be added to the batter, depending on what you are looking for.

Fry Bread

In general, the most common additions to fry bread include tomatoes, onions, eggs, and bacon. However, you can use just about any meat substitute. Some recipes include Mexican cheese, which can be added to the mix. This can add a unique taste to the mix.

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Recipe For Native American Fry Bread

Several Different Ways

When making fry bread, certain things must be taken into consideration. First, the ciabatta’s shape should be large enough so that the bread can be cooked in several different ways. A large square slice works best, but any slice of this size will work. The type of fry bread you use will determine the method you should cook it in.

Traditional Way To Make

The most traditional way to make fry bread is to deep fry it. This will prevent the bread from becoming too dense or too flimsy. Rather, you should cook it in one of the several methods listed above. Furthermore, you can purchase Mexican frying pans with shallow openings, which will enable you to cook the bread, without making it too dry properly.

Types Of Frying Pans

With all of the different types of frying pans available today, it is very important that you consider the size of the pan before making your purchase. It is also important that you consider the size of the oven you will be using when determining the frying pan. The smaller pans tend to be cheaper, but don’t give the same crispiness that the larger pans do.


Another important aspect of fry bread is the seasonings that you add to the bread. Usually, you use both sweet and hot peppers to add a unique flavor to the bread. The peppers should be added in the last five minutes of baking, and then allowed to cool. Other types of seasonings can be added, such as garlic powder, salt, and vinegar.

Olive Oil

When cooking fry bread, you must choose a bit of olive oil to distribute the fats in the bread evenly. Use a frying pan with two sides, and dip the bottom of the bread into the oil to make sure that the fats are evenly distributed. It is also important that you use an unheated oven since high temperatures can cause the fats to separate and possibly burn.

Cooking Process: Native American Fry Bread

One thing to keep in mind when cooking fry bread is to ensure that you maintain the batter’s consistency throughout the cooking process. You should ensure that you use a spatula to distribute the batter evenly into the pan. For a lighter version of this, you can use vegetable oil and replace half of the traditional flour with this alternative. This is a great alternative for those who don’t like the idea of having to eat flour.

Fresh Vegetables: Native American Fry Bread

Finally, you can also add a dash of fresh vegetables to the batter. It is best to make this a vegetable side dish instead of using a fry bread, however. To ensure that you maintain consistency throughout the process, you can replace half of the flour with your alternative flour and leave the remainder of the bread with the traditional flour.

Popular Cuisine Native American Fry Bread
Recipe For Native American Fry Bread

Chili Pepper: Native American Fry Bread

Many people who make their fry bread find that it tastes best with a bit of chili pepper. This is particularly true for those who are very serious about the authentic taste of their dishes: Mexican and Native American fry bread.

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