List Of Some Food Truck Cooking Equipment

A knife sitting on top of a wooden cutting board

Setting up cooking in a truck is almost the same as setting up your home’s kitchen. You are exposed to varieties of equipment, so much that deciding the right and necessary ones to choose becomes difficult. Your cooking is just as important as the equipment you use to cook, so you need to give priority to using the necessary kitchen equipment. 

We give you a list of some kitchen equipment. These equipment can be classified as food preparing, food cooking, as well as food serving and food storage equipment.

Food Preparing Equipment

A person cooking in a kitchen preparing food
  • Knives: Different types of knives exist, so getting the right one should be considered important. The chef’s knife is the most versatile. You can leave out the other types of knives if you have the chef’s knife. It effectively chops, cuts and slices your food items.

There’s also the paring knife which is smaller in size. It complements the chef’s knife. It offers more control in multiple layered cutting, slicing or chopping.

Another type of knife is the bread knife with serrated edges. The edges enable it to go through a loaf of bread without squashing it. It is advisable to get knives made of stainless steel to prevent rust.

  • Knife sharpening rod: Since knives get blunt over time, you need to have a knife sharpening rod. This kitchen equipment helps to keep your knives sharpened when they start going blunt.
  • Chopping board: Chopping boards are of different types and made of different materials based on what type of food you cook the most. You should have different chopping boards so that different food items don’t come in contact.
  • Other kitchen tools: You’ll also need the kitchen shears for your meat and vegetables, a vegetable peeler to peel skin off your vegetables, a grater to reduce the sizes of food items, as well as kitchen scales to measure food quantity.

You’ll also need a garlic press to squeeze the juice out of garlic, a measuring jug to measure liquid food items, a mixing bowl to mix ingredients and many others.

Food Cooking Equipment

A close up of a whisk

These include tools like frying pan, saucepan, ovenproof dish, stirring and slotted spoon, pot holder, thermometer and some others. You’ll need these during the actual process of cooking.

Food Serving And Storage Equipment

These include the ladle, corkscrew, bother opener, plastic containers, tea towels, and kitchen tools organizer. These are important during the process of serving food, and storing other kitchen tools.


Setting up a cooking environment requires a lot of effort. One of these is getting the right equipment out of the numerous available in the market to carry out the cooking process. Hence, we list some food truck cooking equipment.

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