Indian Cooking Food – Some Interesting Ideas For The Weekend

Indian Cooking Food

Cooking food in Indian style is also very satisfying because of the aromas and flavors that one gets to play with. Indian food is world-famous for its flavor and spices. India is a vast country with highly diverse people, so India’s food is also very diverse. The method of cooking food in India changes pending from region to region. Also, there is no right or wrong way of making certain diseases because different regions have their cooking style, and even though it has a common name, the dish will taste very different. With so many various empires ruling India, there has been a mixture of traditions and cultures in Indian society, reflected in the food. In India, cooking food means playing with lots of flavors. Indian cooking food is known for the rich flavors that every dish has.

What Is Common In Indian Dishes?

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India also has highly fertile soil of various types, enabling the growth of different crops and plants.

India is the land of spices, and one thing you will find common in most Indian dishes is spice. Indian cooking food specialty Indian food is like creating art. There is a lot that can be done with a few ingredients.

One is also likely to find dairy products in most of the Indian dishes. Ghee Makhan and curd are especially prevalent in the Punjab-Haryana region. These are very commonly used in cooking food. Indians love food. Even though there are healthy options available, most Indian dishes involve lots of oil, spices, and gluten-rich ingredients.

A variety of desserts in India involve the usage of milk and milk products. At the same time, one is also likely to come across dairy-free desserts. Indian desserts like Jalebi, Gulab Jamun, and Rasmalai are world popular because of the irresistible taste and flavor.

Indian Indian Cooking Food In Common Households

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Indians love to fry! Especially North Indians. Pakore, jalebi, puri are just a few from the plethora of dishes that require deep frying. The methods of making goodwill differ in from place to place.

Dal-rice and fish-rice are a staple in the north and northeast India, respectively. Therefore Indian food is not just tasty but also rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Even though India has a very high population of vegetarians, diversity is seen in vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Indian cooking food is not very difficult because the basic recipe for most of it is very similar. With cooking Indian food, one will easily be able to learn about many spices because each one is a unique and different flavor to the dish. Indian food also requires a lot of preparation before cooking, like Idli, Biryani, and Kebab.

Coconut is found in most of the south Indian dishes in various forms. Be it coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut chutney….and the list goes on. In the south, one will also find many South Indian dishes being made from rice like Idli, Dosa, Uttapam, etc. Coconut oil is top-rated in South India for cooking food.


Cooking food has no fixed style in India. This is because of the diverse climate and soils. However, the use of spices for cooking food is widespread. However, many dishes are rich in flavor without the use of spices.

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