How To Cook Pasta – 3 Cooking Styles Of Pasta

How To Cook Pasta - 3 Cooking Styles of Pasta

How can one begin to make an informed decision with so many types of pasta to choose from? In this article, I will try to help you get a better grasp on how to cook pasta.

Conventional Pasta: How To Cook Pasta

The most common type of pasta is spaghetti, which is made with dough or shell pasta, and then rolled up with a fork. Pasta shells come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, and are traditionally cooked differently.

How To Cook Pasta - 3 Cooking Styles of Pasta
How To Cook Pasta – 3 Cooking Styles of Pasta

Slow-Cooking: How To Cook Pasta

This style of cooking means that the pasta is cooked slowly over medium heat, stirring often. This helps the flavors meld, making it taste more balanced. It also lends the noodles a soft texture and allows them to absorb additional flavors.

Long-Crisp: How To Cook Pasta

Long-crusted pasta, like ravioli or linguine, is famous for its more delicate, fluffier texture. If you cannot get the dough to stick to the food processor, use a small spoon to stir it into the mixture instead.

Deep-Fried: How To Cook Pasta

This style of cooking is becoming increasingly popular with a plethora of brands and flavors available. However, fried pasta is considered a specialty product by many. For this reason, it is always best to check the quality of the sauce or batter prior to frying and to follow the instructions for the best results.


These types of pasta are usually cooked at a slightly higher temperature than conventional pasta, incorporate flavors like garlic and herbs. These are popular when used as garnishes and are often cooked in a skillet.


This style of cooking is considered the traditional method of baking. It is usually done by hand and is characterized by the clean-cut appearance of the breading mixture.


Fry is characterized by steam that is applied to the dough before cooking. Also, fry styles often involve adding different fats and seasonings to the dough and are the most popular method of creating dough for pasta.


Pasta is typically cooked in the pot that it is cooked in, and is sometimes called baked pasta. Allowing the dough to cool first helps to prevent the pasta from drying out, which also helps to make it more flavorful.


Some types of pasta like rigatoni and fusilli can be pulled off the sheet when they become somewhat loose. To avoid making a loose noodle, it is essential to cut the dough into a bit too long, since if it is not cut correctly, the noodles will be uncomfortable when pulled.


When cooking in a hot oven, the dough is baked in the oven. You will need to keep the dough covered with a paper bag while the oven heats up, or it will quickly start to cool down and become harder to work with.

How To Cook Pasta - 3 Cooking Styles of Pasta
How To Cook Pasta – 3 Cooking Styles of Pasta


Each of these different types of pasta has its distinct flavor, so it’s essential to look into the whole host of options before purchasing a new pasta. This will also ensure that you have the freshest possible pasta, which is always essential.

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