Homemade Cat Food: Cat Food Recipes

Homemade Cat Food: Cat Food Recipes

How to make homemade cat food? Let us know more about preparing a delicious and very healthy cat food recipe. Cooking for our cat once in a while is great! It will thank us for the variety of flavours. And we can control the ingredients that we add in its food.

Making a recipe for cats does not mean that you stop giving dry food to your cat. You can alternate both dry-market food and homecooked food in your cat’s diet. And you can cook this food for your cat every now and then.

For example, freeze individual items and give your cat a ball of food prepared at home every two or three days. It will make your cat’s day and improve its health! Read to know more about how to make natural cat food without supplements! 

Homemade Cat Food: Cat Food  Recipes
Homemade Cat Food: Cat Food Recipes

Homemade Cat Food Ingredients

This dish serves as homemade food for small cats, once they weaned. And of course, it also works for adult cats. A healthy homemade cat diet should be varied. Thus, in this recipe, we wanted to use many different ingredients so that each one contributes to its nutrients and benefits:


  • 1.6 kg of minced beef or chicken: that equals four trays of 400 gr of those already prepared in the supermarket. You can substitute veal for chicken meat.
  • Two cans of natural low-salt tuna: that would be 80 grams per 2 boxes, a total of 160 grams of tuna. The good thing about adding natural tuna, which has no added oil or fat, or any other type of sauce.
  • 200 gr of the chicken liver: this is sold in supermarkets and butchers and is very cheap and rich in nutrients.
  • 200 gr of cooked and chopped vegetables: which already prepared in supermarkets. The mixture that I prefer to buy is a white label and has peas, carrots, and potatoes.
  • Two raw eggs (or only the yolks if you prefer)
  • Two small potatoes or a large potato. It has been added to spread the recipe a little more and to provide fibre. If you don’t like adding “carb” to cat recipes and prefer to stick to only protein and vegetables, don’t add potatoes!

How To Make Homemade Cat Food Step By Step (Recipe)

Homemade Cat Food: Cat Food  Recipes
Homemade Cat Food: Cat Food Recipes
  • Boil the potatoes in unsalted water.
  • Slightly fry the chicken liver in a nonstick skillet, so you don’t need to add oil or anything. Fry for a short time, only that the liver just changes colour. It is not to destroy the vitamins and properties of the liver, which disappears with heat.
  • Chop the liver and potatoes, chop them into small squares with a knife.
  • Now all you have to do is mix all the ingredients. So leave by adding in the bucket the minced meat, the boiled potatoes, the little cooked liver, the tuna, the vegetables, and the two raw eggs.
  • It is not necessary to cook this mixture if you do not want to. I do not cook it. Although if you give repairs to the raw meat, you can pass the mixture through a small nonstick pan of water in it until it changes colour.

Cook Note:

I prepare this recipe like this, and I don’t like to cook it a lot so as not to destroy nutrients. I’ve been giving meat to my pets like this for many years, and I haven’t had any problems. But I am aware that not everyone is comfortable giving raw meat to their cats. In that case, not to worry.

You can cook all the meat in the nonstick skillet, or even put all the ingredients in a pot with boiling water and form a great soup. Everyone should be comfortable with the recipe and cook it to the point your cat prefers !!

Just do not go overcooking, and as soon as it is cooked to an acceptable score for your cat, remove it from the heat. The more minutes you leave the meat cooking, the more nutrients destroyed.

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