Help Protect Your Cabinets From Accumulating Unwanted Dirt! Keep Your Shelves Organized And Neat!

You will try to keep your home looking more functional and beautiful, and to make it possible, you have to focus on various small things which can help you. The main reason to keep your home looking beautiful and nice is to keep it clean. You can see people try various methods and put lots of effort into keeping their homes clean. But now, you can keep your things clean and protect your wardrobes and cabinets from unwanted dirt. You can use this moisture-proof, anti slipcover which you can use to cover your shelf tops, countertops, and various tables at your home.

These papers will also give you a nice grip over the things and won’t allow slipping the things. By putting these papers on your items, it can protect your surface from any damages and scratches. It will help you to increase the life of your equipment. It is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about the water which feels on your equipment. These covers are made up of EVA. You can even get these covers of various colors as per your wish. You can get these covers in various sizes, such as 150 x 30 cm and 150 x 45 cm. It can give your home a different look and presence. You can get this amazing cover to protect your items at home.


·         Origin       CN(Origin)

·         Is customized    No

·         Model Number    AN9K

·         Material  EVA

·         Feature   waterproof paper

·         Scope of use         kitchen mat

·         Scope of use two carpet for drawer

·         Used for kitchen

·         Feature 1 slipmat to test moisture fridge

·         Feature 2    the dust under the cabinet

·         Feature 3 drawer anti-slip mat

·         Feature 4 kitchen table

Pink flowers on a table

Pros Of Using Moisture-Proof And Anti-Slip Cover

·         It helps you to reduce the number of accidents that will not get you hurt and injured.

·         You can easily re-tile your floor and can spread this anti-slip paper on the tile. You can use these covers for kitchen mats or carpets for drawers.

·         It will give your home a totally different look and new atmosphere.

A wooden table

Cons Of Using Moisture-Proof And Anti-Slip Cover

·         It can make your floor look worn or tear. The cover may get scratched or get damaged due to the movement of furniture upon it.

·         You have to match the color of your cover to the walls or furniture to make it look even.

·         The price of these covers is higher as compared with other covers which you can get at lower prices.


To make your home look more beautiful and stunning, you can use this cover to increase the contrast and keep your items damage-free. It is available in all online and offline stores. You can decorate your home rooms like living room, bedroom, or kitchen with the help of these moisture-free and anti-slip covers. The package consists of colorful covers which you can stick on the flat surfaces and make them look brighter. You can use different colors of covers to make your home look totally different.

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