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The Federal government along with state and local governments offer free cooking books, which can be downloaded from the Internet. These are valuable resources to have in preparing meals for yourself or family. The government offers various types of this type of publications to the public ranging from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. A great many of these resources can be found in the form of cookery cookbooks and other books in the genre.

The Federal Writers

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The Federal Writers’ Project was established in 1948. It is a program managed by the United States Department of Agriculture. The project is administered by the National Center for Food Safety and Health. One of the goals of the project was to provide the public with free vintage cookbooks online free of charge as a tool to encourage cooks to preserve and share their knowledge of cooking.

Free Vintage Cookbook Gallery

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You can find a variety of resources on the F WP website. One option is a free vintage cookbook gallery. You can also search for and purchase available titles. On the site are links to the Federal Writers’ Project websites. At the F WP site, there is a link for 100 cookbooks which is where you will find many vintage recipes in print. The recipes are divided into categories, with one category designated for each year: 1940, 1950, 1960, etc.

French cooking books are available on the site in several versions. All of them are part of the 100 cookbooks free online offering. Many of these recipes contain variations on themes found in the cookbooks. Some of the new recipes have interesting ingredients and techniques. There is even a “French-style” chicken. For someone who has never tried a traditional dish from France, getting introduced to the flavors and techniques of this cuisine could become interesting and enjoyable.

Urdu And Middle Eastern Cooking

Urdu and Middle Eastern cooking are popular today. Many readers have expressed interest in trying these kinds of cuisines. Delicious recipe for Urdu and Middle Eastern cooking, which use chick peas is available in the book. You can also find other interesting foods such as delicious recipes for Italian cooking, African foods, Caribbean cooking, Mexican cooking, Japanese cooking, and even Chinese cooking.

Some of the recipes found in the book are as follows: masala, goli long, char kwayata, pachadi tadka, rasam, masala chutney, salad, laddu, pulav, rasam, sushi, rasam kallu, kichdi, methi tadka, and kichdi chutney. All these recipes are very tasty and delicious. Further, you will get a comprehensive list of ingredients along with their quantities. Thus, you will be able to prepare delicious meals easily.

Summing Up 

Thus, there are many benefits that you can enjoy once you download French cooking books online. The main benefit is that you do not need to wait for your favorite beverage book to come out at your local bookstore. Also, you save money by using the books online instead of purchasing them in the market. Thus, you will be able to cook sumptuous meals in no time and also impress your friends by serving your favorite dishes.

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