Finding Southern Cooking on Food Network

food network southern cooking

Food Network is one of the best-known cooking shows on television. It is so popular that millions tune into it each night. In fact, during a recent episode of Food Network’s The Cooking Channel, a segment on southern cooking was showcased along with the signature Southern-inspired dish Southern MoFo (passive fire), which is a famous southern recipe from the hit TV show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

Southern Food Is Quite Delicious

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While many of us have enjoyed Southern cooking at some point in our lives, Southern cooking continues to be one of the most famous American cuisines. There is a reason for this popularity. For one, southern food just tastes good! A warm, homey atmosphere is created by using Southern ingredients and perhaps an accompanying barbeque. It creates an atmosphere of relaxed comfort that people from all walks of life appreciate.

Which Southern Food Recipes Are Shown On The Food Network?

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The Food Network’s southern recipe of the week, Southern Cooking, is another outlet for this type of cooking show. It features recipe favorites like Chicken Bouquet, Collard Greens with Beans, Collard Meal, Chicken Lolly Pop, and Collard Ranch Apple Cobbler. This week’s recipe featured was Collard Greens with Beans. This recipe is similar to the previous southern-inspired dishes that we’ve featured, except for beans to the mixture.

Which Is The Southern Cooking Recipe Of This Week?

The Southern Cooking recipe of the week, Collard Greens with Beans, is probably one of the most popular southern cooking on Food Network. It has also become one of the favorite recipes by people who have made it themselves. For the recipe, all you need is collard greens, bean curd, water, a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, cornmeal, and chopped tomatoes. Bring all of these ingredients to a boil over medium heat, then stir in the cayenne pepper.

Another southern recipe like the one above, Collard Greens with Beans, is also a hit on the network. You’ll need to soften the collard before adding it to your dish. A quick fix would be to add it to a pot with oil and bring it to a gentle boil. If you prefer, you could also just throw in your beans and allow the collard greens to cook in the oil, much like you do with any bean recipe.

Some Other Southern Food Recipes

Other popular southern cooking on Food Network includes Chicken Bouquet, Collard Greens with Beans, Collard Greens with Lemon Juice, Collard Corn on the cob, and Collard Corn on the Grill. All of these southern-inspired dishes come in at least thirty-two different flavors. (Visitors to the show are constantly amazed by how many choices they have.) There are also two “Desserts” recipe segments. One is for fruit like pears and applesauce, and the other is for non-edible sugar cookies. If you’re looking for southern cooking that’s not too sweet, you should check out the “Desserts” section.

The Takeaway

If southern food is your thing, then Food Network has something that you want to try. The “Fireside Kitchen” is devoted to showing you how to cook delicious meals. It’s like having professional chefs working right behind you in your kitchen. The “ketchup” recipe that appears on the network’s website looks almost too easy to make, but as long as you use the right ingredients, you should have no trouble preparing this dish. You might even find that the tips that you get from the chef who does the cooking for the program will come in handy when you’re preparing other southern dishes.

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