Dorm Cooking Appliances You Should Purchase For Easy Cooking Time

dorm cooking appliances

Dorm Rooms don’t necessarily have a kitchen. So, getting a gas stove is out of the question. Although, you don’t have to give up cooking yet entirely. There are plenty of electric appliances that you can get and still cook for yourself and your roommate! Dorms are usually small and compact. Naturally, the Dorm Cooking Appliances also have to be following the size of the room.

Mini Fridge

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If you want to cook, or even have leftovers from the food you brought, a fridge is essential to store it. The food you make or order will not necessarily finish that very day, and you will not have any storage facility if you do not have a fridge. Mini Fridges are compact and take very little space in the room.

Dorm Cooking Appliances – Electric Rice Cooker

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An Electric Rice Cooker is very convenient as it comes in handy to make a lot of foods. You can make different varieties of rice, oatmeal, frittatas. An electric rice cooker can also come in handy to steam vegetables and beans. You can also make pasta, spaghetti in the rice cooker very quickly as it makes the entire process very hassle-free.


We cannot stress enough how much a toaster is required in a college-dorm. You can quickly get perfectly toasted crispy bread for your morning breakfast. It is also very useful to toast whole wheat wraps. This will make your breakfasts very quick and easy. You can also make lunch by tasting bagels and mini pizzas.

Dorm Cooking Appliances – Hot Plates

If you want a stove in your dorm but can’t get one, a hot plate is the next best thing! You can see almost everything you want with a hot plate. With the right utensils, you are all set to go. You can cook almost everything at any time of day. As hot plates run on electricity, they can be plugged in anywhere convenient. It is also useful to heat food as it has adjustable temperatures.

Mini Microwave

It makes reheating food easier on an entirely different level. If you don’t have a stove or even a hot plate, getting a microwave will fill out those blank spaces. You can cook food like instant noodles, microwave pancakes, mug cakes, and a lot more! They are very simple to use as mini microwaves have comparatively fewer buttons and functions but are still more than enough for a college student.

Dorm Cooking Appliances – Coffee Maker And Blender

If you are a college student, you know how important coffee is. College means lots of late nights, early mornings, and they have to be supported by coffee. Buying a coffee four to five times a day will burn a hole in a student’s pocket. This is why a coffee maker is a must in your dorm room. It’s a one-time investment that will save you lots of bucks on coffee and give you great coffee even in the middle of the night.

We won’t say a blender is a necessity, but if you are one for smoothies. Then it is! You could walk into your early morning class with a fresh smoothie in your hands!


These are the few Dorm Cooking Appliances that small enough to accommodate in a dorm and are must-have appliances that will add a lot of convenience to a student’s life!

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