Cooking Chinese Food – How To Do It The Traditional Way

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Chinese cuisines carry an authentic taste of China with a variety of flavors and seasoning. Some very famous Chinese dishes include shrimps, dumplings, starchy noodles made by using fresh vegetables like mushrooms, chestnuts, bamboo, and tofu. Tips for cooking Chinese food include using ingredients required to make a Chinese cuisine uniquely. 

Tips To Cook Chinese Food 

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Here’s a list of easy measures to cook Chinese food rich in authentic taste, flavor, and seasoning. 

Choosing Vegetables 

The vegetables should be chopped diagonally to increase the surface area for the absorption of seasoning, sauces, and spices. Cutting the carrots uniformly at a 60° angle with a sharp knife or a cleaver is an appreciable method to prepare Chinese food. 

Optimum Temperature 

Cooking at a high temperature is a requirement while cooking Chinese food. It should be taken care that the food in the pan does not burn or stick. Add a drop of water to check if the wok is hot enough. Another way to check the optimum temperature of the wok is by seeing the smoke or bluish tinge on the wok.

More Tips On Cooking Chinese Food 

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Tip To Cook Crunchy Egg Roll

Egg Rolls are known for their crunchiness. To prepare crunchy egg rolls, wash the vegetables and drain out all the water to prevent the dish from becoming soggy. Prepare egg rolls with fresh juicy meat and do not stuff a lot of liquid in them. 

Oil Requirements 

Adding oil according to frying requirements while cooking Chinese food is essential. For stir-frying vegetables, add oil to the sides of the pan and swirl it to fry meat. You can also use a spatula to spread the oil to the sides of the wok after adding oil to the center.

Finding Correct Substitute 

It is difficult to get hold of all the authentic ingredients while cooking Chinese food. One can use agar-agar instead of gelatin. This is a thoughtful option for vegans. Instead of bamboo shoots, one can use carrots along with asparagus, cabbage, and broccoli. If you’re not able to get hold of shiitakes, you may use dried porcini mushrooms. 

Cooking Rice Carefully 

Japonica rice and Indica rice are the two varieties that are used widely in cooking Chinese food. If not cooked properly, they stick to the pan or become fluffy. Regulate the temperature while frying rice. 


Cooking becomes easy with some go-to tips that are useful and pleasant. To be able to bring authentic flavors and seasoning to Chinese dishes, above mentioned tips are obliging. Taking care of the optimum temperature, selecting the correct alternative of ingredients, stir-frying vegetables precisely, and using accurate kitchen gadgets are some important things to be kept in mind while cooking Chinese food. When you are looking for authentic Asian food, then cooking Chinese food would be a wise option to do. It not only brings the spicy taste that Asian foods have but also brings the taste that you cannot let go of. If you are planning to prepare Chinese for this time, make sure to take into consideration of the tips we have here.

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