Cook Meal The Healthier Way With An Electric Air Fryer

An electric air fryer is a perfect addition to your cooking utensils in your sacred kitchen. It’s unlike your conventional pots and pans. It’s also different from your steamer, roaster or oven. It is definitely its own thing! In fact, this unique equipment doesn’t just cook food, it cooks food in a healthier fashion. Read on and find out how!

Cook Meal The Healthier Way With An Electric Air Fryer

The Healthy Choice: Electric Air Fryer

You and I hear it time and time again. This type of oil is the new healthy oil. That type of pan, the new healthy pan. Those utensils, the new healthy utensils. You know where this is going.

There’s always a craze and a hype, if we may say so, about making things healthier such as cooking food with oil of the Elixir Of Life. Another is to us the rays of the sun between an hour past its peak, and no longer than 100 Mississippi’s.

Caught your attention, didn’t we? Just making sure you’re still paying attention. With so many innovations coming out, and more innovations debunking ones that have just been released, it can get messy. Confusing and messy.

Cook Meal The Healthier Way With An Electric Air Fryer

And you’ll end up not making a choice at all, or making the wrong one when it comes to purchasing kitchen devices that are supposed to be of higher quality.

So we’ll get to the point and stop this run-around. Make way for the electric air fryer!

Based on its name alone, that exactly what it can do! It’s a machine that fries food using mainly high-pressure air that’s controlled via electricity. Sorry about the last part. OF COURSE  via electricity. It’s electric. Duh to us.

What Makes This Air Fryer So Great?

The alpha on this list is that it uses minimal to no oil at all when it comes to frying. Sounds impossible? Get LCPShop’s electric air fryer and we will be proven right! It has a digital screen that shows a wide temperature range. So wide, it’s actually from 80 to 200 degrees Celsius. Plus, it comes with a wide range in terms of time setting and that’s from 1 to 30 minutes.

Let’s start with the first. 80 to 200 degrees Celsius. We’d like you to note that this is so because this equipment has 7 different cooking presets! Similarly, you’ll be able to fry, bake, grill and roast with the very same machine. An all-in-one cooker? Why, yes indeed!

Cook Meal The Healthier Way With An Electric Air Fryer

Second is its time setting of only a maximum of 30 minutes. That’s because this cooker is able to lessen the amount of time needed to cook food. Almost half the time it typically takes regular, single-featured equipment, in fact.

Moreover, it’s lined with a non-stick material. This is so that no matter what ingredients you put it, they won’t stick to the device’s inner tube. And because of this feature, you’ll be able to conveniently clean it after use, too!

Lastly, it has a cool-touch handle so that you can lift and close the lid without burning your fingers. To add, it has a secure button guard to make sure that when it’s closed, it remains that way and will not cause leakage nor spilling.

Go ahead and get cooking with LCPShop’s electric air fryer!

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