A Perfect Pairing of Culinary Herbs and Meat

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Cooking Thai food is not as difficult as it might sound. Several Thai recipe books are available in your local book store and on various websites across the internet that make preparing Thai dishes extremely easy. Thai food is perhaps one of the most popular cuisines of Southeast Asia. If you have never tried this famous type of cuisine, there is no time like the present to experience its delightful flavors.

The Best Spices For Preparing Thai Food

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Perhaps, the first factor that comes to mind when preparing Thai food is the beautiful array of spices that give it its distinctive flavor. These include various herbs, chili powders, chilies, vegetables, fish sauces, lemongrass, garlic, onions, etc. As you try different combinations, you will undoubtedly discover new delightful flavors you didn’t even know existed. This is why most restaurants will have a variety of these spices on hand so they can create interesting dishes with different combinations. When cooking Thai food, it is essential to be aware of the various herbs and combine them in other dishes.

Green Papaya

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One of the primary ingredients found in Thai cooking Thai food is green papaya. It has a slightly sweet flavor and is very common in Thailand and many other countries worldwide. A variety of people love its mild yet fruity taste. One of the sweetest varieties is called the Thai green papaya salad. Often this is combined with mint leaves and honey to make a light yet tasty dish.

How Lemon Juice Is Used In Different Thai Recipes?

Some Thai recipes call for lime juice or lemon juice to be added to rice. If you would like to try this delicious combination, simply add honey or another strong sweetener to the water to make it more palatable. Another way to enjoy this fruit juice while cooking Thai recipes is to add a layer of fresh lime or lemon over the top after it is drained. You may also squeeze lime to taste and serve the resulting beverage chilled or heated.

Lemongrass Is Used For Tweaking The Recipes

When it comes to creating new flavors in Thai cooking, the most famous ingredient is lemongrass. This herb is widespread all through Thailand and is used in a variety of dishes. Although it has a strong flavor, it is pretty sweet. It is so popular that the government has banned many people from growing and selling lemongrass and other related herbs. However, the wide availability of the herb at the local supermarket serves as a good substitute as it is often mixed with other ingredients to make different dishes.

Final Thoughts

Those are just a few of the common ingredients that you can find in typical Thai recipes. You can choose to follow one or all of them, but still, there are ways that you can customize your favorite Thai recipes and transform them into mouth-watering dishes. Since you have a good amount of flexibility with the ingredients, it would be best to develop your twist on Thai recipes. It is very simple once you have given it a try.

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