8 Must-Have Commercial Cooking Appliances For Every Restaurant

commercial cooking appliances

Have you opened a new restaurant or commercial kitchen? If yes, you have landed at the apt page. Shopping for


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The oven is one of the must-have commercial cooking appliances every commercial kitchen needs. The type of the oven you buy will depend on your service. For instance – if you own a restaurant, you need a standard oven. Similarly, if you have a bakery, you need a convection oven. You can also consider a combination oven that’s versatile. With such equipment, you can bake, grill, roast, fry, or steam the food. If you have a pizza shop, you may have to opt for a pizza oven.


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The most popular foods require grilling. Whether it’s a sandwich, steak, or hot dog, they taste the best when grilled. Look for a gas or electric grill. While gas or charcoal grills add the authentic smoky flavor and aroma, electric grill is are healthier than its counterpart. You also need to consider the space in your restaurant or eatery before choosing the grill type.

Range & Ventilation

Just like the grill, range comes in gas and electric forms. Gas ranges allow instant temperature regulation and work even when electricity isn’t available. However, they are risky and tricky to clean. On the other hand, electric ranges cook food more evenly and are easy to clean. Their downside is that can spike up your electricity bills.

Besides an appropriate range, every restaurant needs a ventilation system to keep the environment clean and healthy. Consider the size, static pressure, air volume flow rate, energy efficiency, and noise factor before investing in a ventilation system.

Food Processor, Mixer And Blender

Every kitchen needs a food processor to chop, shred, grind, and puree food. You can settle for a batch bowl processor or a continuous feed food processor. Batch bowl processor collects the food in a bowl as it gets processed while the latter puts the processed stuff in a separate bowl. For a commercial kitchen, getting a continuous feed processor is a better option.

Besides food processors, you need mixers to prepare soups, desserts, and breads. Look for a countertop mixer if you own a small restraint, eatery, or bakery. If you need to mix in high quantities now and then, invest in a floor mixer. Also, opt for an immersion blender for mixing sauces and soups more conveniently.


To ease everyday food preparation, commercial kitchens need slicers. Slicers help prepare large amounts of food easily and quickly without creating a mess. Invest in a vegetable slicer, fruit slicer, cheese slicer, or meat slicer depending on the food you serve.

Beverage Brewer

Whether you own a small or high-end café or restaurant that serve hot and cold beverages, you need beverage brewers to keep up with demand. These appliances offer consistent results every time and satisfy high customer demand.


Conveyor or vertical toasters are ideal for restaurants and hotels that require toasting large volumes of bread. These


Although restaurants and other commercial kitchens don’t use microwave for cooking, they need it for quick heating of pre-prepared food or partially defrost stuff. As microwaves are ideal for defrosting and reheating, you will need one if you own a café, bakery, sandwich shop, or restaurant.

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