8 Delicious Russian Foods You Have to Try

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Russian foods are some of the most delicious in the world. The Russian food industry is currently worth $43 billion, and it’s only going to grow. Russian foods are hearty, filling, and often quite healthy. Moreover, the country’s long history has resulted in a diverse range of dishes that are perfect for any occasion. If you’re looking to try some delicious Russian foods, here are a few that you have to try.

1. Pelmeni

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Pelmeni is a type of dumpling that’s popular in Russia and other Slavic countries. They’re made with unleavened dough, and they can be boiled or baked to keep them fresh for longer periods before you eat them (or both.). Once cooked through – whether by boiling water into the mixture inside then removing some excess liquid after letting everything cook down together; throwing caution totally out the window since there isn’t any rising time involved here AT ALL!–your Pelmeni will taste as good on day 1 when opened up again five minutes later like magic happened while cooking.

2. Blini

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Blini are popular in Russia and other Eastern European countries. They’re traditionally made with yeast dough, which cooks onto a griddle to give them their signature flavor- hints of sweet yet salty goodness that will have you coming back for more. A typical blin din Peace Arch News is served plain but they also come topped off beautifully thanks to either Jammy mix or caviar sauce– both delicious options if there’s anything on earth worth eating (which probably isn’t).

3. Borscht

Borscht is a soup that’s popular in Russia and other Slavic countries. It typically has beetroots, cabbage (sometimes seasoned with mushrooms), potatoes, or carrots for added flavor alongside onions to make up most of its ingredients. You can enjoy borscht hot but it also tastes great when served cold – either way you’ll love this classic dish whether as an appetizer before dinner guests arrive on your doorstep late at night after work; stomach fixing itself between breakfast time & lunch hour at school-aged children’s desks deep into weekdays–whatever situation calls out “Soup.”

4. Solyanka

The history of solyanka is hard to trace, but it seems that this dish has been around for centuries. The name itself means “sour” or “acidic” which makes sense when you think about what’s in the soup! One theory suggests that these foods were originally served at religious ceremonies because they had a pH balance too acidic for human consumption without enhancing one’s immune system – making them very healthy after all!. Some say olives were added during Christian church service as payback against their Muslim neighbors who refused access to Christianity due to out-of-turn order.

5. Shashlyk

The most popular Russian kebabs are called Shashlyk. They are prepared from cubed lamb meat and veggies grilled on skewers. Full of protein and vitamins must be tempting to anyone. Shashlyk is very popular in Russia and other Slavic countries.

6. Pirozhki

Pirozhki is a type of pastry that’s common in Russia and other Slavic countries. These pastries can be boiled, baked, or fried to make them crispy on the outside with doughy filling inside like meatballs made from potatoes mixed along with vegetables such as carrots/carrots mix which give this dish its signature color! They are often served alongside sour cream & vinegar for dipping your fork into before taking another bite out of these delicious treats. The word “Piron” translates directly to English-speaking people but has been changed slightly because some words need special attention when being translated word-for yellow Matera style dough used in this dish is different than what’s common across the Atlantic.

7. Vareniki

Vareniki are a type of dumpling that is popular in Russia and other Slavic countries. They’re made with unleavened dough, and they can be boiled or baked to make them softer while also giving you more delicious fillings like potatoes cheese cabbage! These tasty treats will surely please any palette – don’t forget about how great these taste when served up alongside some sugar vinegar for an extra punch (or three).

8. Kvass

Kvass is a fermented beverage that has been popular in Russia and other Slavic countries for centuries. This drink typically contains rye bread, and yeast with added sugar or fruit juice to taste alongside water as ingredients. It can be served cold like beer but also warm when you want something refreshing on those hot summer days – just don’t let it get too warmed up because then all of its flavors will be lost.


Russian Foods are delicious, hearty, and often quite healthy. If you’re looking to try some Russian foods, these are a few that you have to try. From pelmeni to pirogues, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. You can find Russian foods at many restaurants, or you can even make them at home. Give these Russian dishes a try today.

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