3 Advice on Cooking Food Camping in 2020

cooking food camping

In these stressful, monotonous, and dire times of the pandemic, spending time in the wilderness is the best way to unwind your wary self. Few things in life bring tranquility in satisfaction. Having a meal prepared in an old-fashioned way at the camping site is one of them.

Something about the whole experience from preparing the food to savoring each bite like the last makes it special. However, the downside to this experience is that cooking food at a camp is more time consuming than in a kitchen and needs ingenuity and patience. You can utilize the advice below which will allow you to cook food at camping less intimidating and more exciting.

Supplies for Cooking at a Camp

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There are a few food supplies that you should not forget regardless of what your meal actually would be.

First and foremost, don’t neglect to pack lighter fluids and a pair of matchboxes. Most of the campers like to cook their meal over an open fire but you wouldn’t be able to do that so easily if you’re not carrying the basic elements to start a fire.

As for utensils, you would need aluminum foil, a large but lightweight pot and pan with a portable grate that can be placed over the open fire.

With this accumulation of supplies, you can make anything from pasta and beans to eggs, bacon, and cheese.

Last but not the least, do not forget your tongs or spatulas because it’s not that amusing to take your meal out of the fire bare-handed.

Method of Cooking at a Camp

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Essentially, there are two ways to achieve direct heat for cooking food while camping.

The first will surely remind you of a boy scout’s old trick which is to wrap the individual ingredient in an aluminum foil and place it directly over the hot coal. Though it needs to be checked quite frequently, it’s a great way to prepare food that requires high heat.

The other way is to place the portable grate over the coal and cook the ingredients over it, so it will be less heat and very good for slower cooking like the chicken patties for your burgers.

For pasta, soups, and stews, let’s make an open fire first, then let it cool down to the hot coals. Now comes the pans or pots to play from the supply list. The key is to manage the heat and the amount of coal to make great dishes. The heat fluctuates pretty quickly so, once you have understood it, it’s as easy to use as a stove.

Easiest Recipe for Cooking at a Camp

As we’re talking so much about cooking food at camping, it’s only courtesy to give you an awesomely simple recipe for you to enjoy with your family at campsites. To make the Greek-inspired dish Tzatziki Chicken Skewers, you’ll need;

Equipment and ingredients:

Portable Grill




Half cup of tzatziki sauce

Fourteen Cherry Tomatoes

One chopped Red onion

One Zucchini small

Four bone and skinless thighs

Half teaspoon salt

Half teaspoon Garlic Powder

One tablespoon of Dried Oregano

One Lemon for juice

Two tablespoons of Olive oil

Method: Firstly, add olive oil, oregano, salt, and garlic powder in a bowl with lemon juice and then toss the cut chicken pieces. Keep it aside to marinate for thirty minutes. Mix the home-made or store-bought Tzatziki sauce in a bowl and set it aside for later. Secondly, prepare the campfire grate to grill the skewers of chicken and vegetables.

Turn it with your tongs for both sides to cook perfectly. The vegetables will take probably ten to twelve minutes and the chicken will need three to five minutes to each side. After grilling, remove the skewers and enjoy it by dipping it in Tzatziki Sauce.


The whole experience of cooking food at camp is supposed to be relaxing and soothing. With your family, in the wilderness, enjoy that time to the fullest. Follow these three pieces of advice and be integrated with your surroundings. There’s nothing like the combination of a great view, great food along with your friends and family.

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